Fear of peeing myself interfering with orgasm --- How do I overcome that?!

     I've never had a real orgasm before. I have had little orgasms with a vibrator or through masturbation, or even when other people have stimulated my clitoris. I've had these little orgasms from touching and oral sex. I climax, it feels good, and it's gone in a flash. However, I cannot seem to have an orgasm via G- Spot. The last time my boyfriend and I had sex was months ago, and I couldn't follow through due to the EXTREMELY INTENSE sensation that I had to pee. I am somewhat notorious for having a weak bladder, or peeing A LOT. Even when I do pee before sex, I still get the strong urge that I have to pee during. I've heard that this is just the beginning of an intense orgasm, and that it could be a good thing. Even so, I cannot get myself to let it happen, and always feel the need to stop and avoid the embarassment that would accompany peeing all over Matt, my boyfriend of 3 years. He encourages me to press on, but the fear of peeing is so strong that I have to stop. Any advice on how to over-come this? I truly want a REAL orgasm.

I have the same exact situation! quite literally. try kegel, pelvic, and lower ab muscle exercises to strengthen your muscles and prevent any accidents, and if it really worries you try to not fluids water for a long time before in addition to peeing right before. Also, no caffeine. If you let yourself try but are still unable to orgasm, perhaps it is simply not for you- many women cannot or have not orgasmed via penetration because of discomfort or a weak bladder, but don't give up. In addition, trying positions where you have most control may help you to feel more confident in controlling your functions. At worse, it may be only psychological, which i doubt, or weak muscles at the bladder neck, which can be fixed by a minor operation. Just some suggestions.

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