Bump on inner thigh, puss and blood filled.

So I have a bump that appeared last week maybe? at first it looked like a bite, and i shrugged it off. But now it has gotten really painful and that area had swelled and gone hard.This morning i noticed a white substance on the top. I compressed it with a hot towel etc and gently squeezed the area around it and I noticed puss and blood start to come out and then the hardness startedto go down. After getting as much out as I could, It has left like a hole? Im not sure what it is. Or how to help it heal.  

It could be an ingrown hair or a boil, is the area around it red? If so you might need antibiotics, if not I would try putting neosporin on it for a few days

Whats neosporin? Uhm well atm the area around it is still a bit swollen and its stil a bit hard around the wound, but it seems to be healing?

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