Severe Vaginal tearing from intercourse.

I have had sex 4 times before, and it was never a problem. If i bled it was once after intercourse and didnt effect sex too much. My new partner is considerably larger in size and we have had intercourse twice times. I was already previously aware of a small tear that i had diagnosed on the internet from thrush. I got rid of my thrush and then i let him finger me; this was before we had sex. Even then it bled. I have had so many sexual encounters.. but he is the only one who has made me bleed, so i presumed he was just rougher or i was coming on my period. We tried this again and it was fine, no bleeding of any kind. And the next time again i bled, a considerable amont. We later on had sex because he doesnt mind that sort of thing - he's lovely. There was obviously blood. It was so painful, but i withstood and it we were fine. So i presumed i was then used to it. Next time we went to have sex, i admit i wasnt very wet, and neither was he, but we went very slowly to ensure this wouldnt be a problem, it barley hurt as much as the first time and we enjoyed it. However, he fingered me afterwards, and there was so much blood. It looked like i must have been on my period and during the rest of the afternoon my knickers also looked like i had been on my period. I definetly wasnt. I finished a week before. I checked in the mirror and the tear had torn open. It was very very deep and half way to my anus. It didnt stop bleeding until later then next day but was numb. The whole of that area just ached. I looked on the interent, and it looked like a second degree tear....normally occuring during pregnancy. This was worrying. The edges of it are bevelled down from the normal level until it reached the bottom deep area of the tear. The centre of the tear is about 5mm in width and 10mm down towards my anus, with a depth of around 4mm. . Can someone tell me if its anything different? I know on this occasion it may have been a lubriation problem, but it there a way i can cure this size of a tear and stop it happening again with his size? And why do i bleed just while being fingered by him sometimes? He says he doesnt mind but its really knocking my confidence, its so embarrasing. Help me.

Yikes, that doesn't sound pleasant. Sounds like your body's telling you that something needs attention. I'd say get yourself to a gynocologist (if the first doesn't address the problem adequately, go to another - sometimes it takes a while to find a good one). Even though it can be a hassle, just go get it checked out. Pain and bleeding shouldn't be happening with sex. And often times, it's something completely and easily treatable. Hope that helps....

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