Dry sex linked to yeast infection

I've recently started having sex with a new partner. We usually have rough sex, and usually get dry pretty fast, however we still continue. Each time after I've had sex with him, my vaginal opening usually swells up the day after and is irritated and sore for a while. First time we had sex, I went to the doctor and he determined it was a yeast infection. After it cleared up, we had sex again and I went to my regular gyno and he didn't see anything abnormal. We had sex a few days ago, my vagina swelled up as usual and was a little irritated. When it's swollen I never have any discharge leaking out however, I do have some white, tissue-like substance along the walls of my vagina (gross as it may seem, I investigate for myself to see if there is yeast/discharge in there). Could this be a reoccurring yeast infection from having dry sex? I usually only have irritation/itching the day after we have sex. After that the swelling decreases, I have no discharge, but there is still the white substance in my vagina. Is this a yeast infection or just an overgrowth of yeast due to rough, dry sex? Also, how can I keep this from happening. When I first started having sex this happened as well, but after a while it stopped happening. Thanks.

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