Painful Nipple with discharge

I am a 35yo female with sore nipples and pus-like discharge tinged with blood.  This has been occurring for almost 6 months.  After my daily shower, I wipe each nipple with an alcohol wipe trying to prevent or control infection if that is what's causing this. I wear a clean bra every day, never wearing it if the bra has been previously worn. The right nipple is painful and (very) dark purple in color, almost black in some areas with very little sensation on the darkest parts.  The left nipple and areola are dark, but not as dark as the right nipple.  The left nipple/areola also swells and then has watery yellowish discharge from the pores. (I really hope I am describing this correctly)  The left nipple is sore to painful depending on where I am within my monthly cycle.  The right nipple is always painful in areas where I have sensation.  About 6 years ago I had a lump removed from my left breast (benign) with the incision along the areola line. Behind and including the left nipple, it is tender with a hard or dense feeling.  I have always assumed this was just scar tissue from the surgery.  I have not seen a doctor about this because my health insurance is an individual policy with not so great coverage and I'm afraid if I get a diagnosis of something severe like cancer, I would never be eligible for coverage again.  Should I be more concerned or just assume its an infection that won't clear?  Thoughts/opinions/answers? Thanks in advance.

my daughter had that n she had breast mice its small like lumps that move round she went to the doctors and all is well now so go get it checked out x

You need to see a DR ASAP. That's NOT something to ignore.

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