hurts when having sex

I know this will sound  strange  but   it hurts  when i have  sex with my husband. And  some times  he  says   he can  feel  something  there   and  it  blocks  him  from  entering   me. I had a complete hysterectomy .  so  not sure  why it is  doing that  for? Even  at  times when he  gets   somewhat   rough  i can  feel pain  going  up  my  spine,   even  when he  said something  is  blocking  him  i can   feel   like something  is there. . It is hard to explain  but   it feels like   something is   there at  times. . I even had kidney  stones  removed  so i thought at  first that could be  the  problem  .but had them  removed  last month and  first  when we had  sex it was  fine  then     again last  time  we had  sex it  did the  same  thing where  he  can   not  get it inside.. Would  go to Drs  about it  but having  big issues  with  the insurance   go  figure.

What you describe could be a vaginal vault prolapse. This happens sometimes after hysterectomy and means that the top of the vagina is collapsing downward. Depending on what part of the vagina is collapsing, it can take the bladder and urethra; rectum; or a loop of small or large intestine with it. Please do whatever you can to get in with your gynecologist, and tell your husband he has to stop if he meets with an obstruction. And no more rough stuff! IF that's what's happening, it can be surgically repaired.

Thank you for reply I will do my best to see a doctor as soon as i can get the insurance to help pay for all the other doctors i seen. I never thought about the vault prolapse before. Untill you told me i read all about it and it does all sound familiar on what i am going through. again thank you both for replying and for your thoughts on what can be the problem..

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