borwn like dicahgre

i  ended my  period  like  a  the  other  day ago and i have  this  like  light   brown   poop looking  discharge  comeing  out my   vagina  when i  whip  my  self  and i  wanna  know  what  it  is   if its old  blood  or  if   its  something else  i  should  worry  about   but  i  only  get  it  around  when i have  or  end my   periods

It's not really something to concern yourself with. There's no reason to be afraid to speak to your mom. I'm sure she's had the same thing happen to her and will be able to give you better advice and support than anyone else will. Brown discharge frequently will come after or before a female starts/ends her period. It's old blood that the body is expelling. If you've ever seen old blood, it turns a rusty brown colour. That's all this is. On the other hand, if you're having unprotected sex it can mean a whole host of other problems. For example, depending on if you have other symptoms, it could mean pregnancy or infection/STD's. If you're not sexually active though, this can all be ignored. Talk to your mom and she will know best of what to do.

it has to be old blood because i get that to when i had my period so that's has to be that but every 1has a problem with that at least it's normal but when i was pg i had that stuff happen to me but that was me have you asked a doctor yet?If you go see the doctor ask him if its that let me now k>

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