Swelling inside my vagina

A few days ago I started having itching, irritation, burning and curd-like discharge and I immediately thought I had a yeast infection. So I started taking AZO yeast. Then yesterday I noticed swelling inside my vagina. I think it's my urethra that is swollen but I'm not sure. If I use a mirror to see and open my labia, there is something swollen that is basically blocking the entire hole. I don't have the burning with urination any more, but still itchy and irritated. I don't like going to the doc out of modesty. Could this swelling be associated with a yeast infection, or something more serious?

Could maybe be that or BV, either way I would say that you would need to go to a doctor (I know you said you hate them) but remember they've seen it all before and are not going to judge you or anything. Because of the swelling, it would be the best option, might be something to need antibiotics for something, and if left untreated could get worse.

bacterial vaginosis. It's just an imbalance of bacteria in your vagina...can actually cause yeast infections sometimes.

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