fish smell from vagina

i am 15 and for about a year and a half now ive been smelling a strong smell from my vagina and it smells like a fish:/ when im around my friends they say "it smells like someones on their period" or "whats that smell? it smells like fish". im extremely embarrassed. im too embarrassed to go see a doctor (mainly because im 15 and dont want them thinking im pregnant) and i dont want someone to tell me i shouldnt be embarrassed to see a doctor because it wont change anything. i just need some way to stop my vagina from smelling like a fish. HELP MEEEEEE

Well I am going to tell you to not be embarrassed to see the doc because 1) that's why theyre doctors and 2) in order to get a handle on your vagina smelling of fish, you HAVE to go see one because you may have an infection that you need antibiotics for. Sometimes females get bacterial vaginosis, whether they are sexually active or not. Then again, it may not be that. That's why you need to go. It isn't normal for a vagina to smell like fish and the fact that you have been suffering with this for so long is completely unnecessary. Just cause you see a dr, doesn't mean anyone is going to think your pregnant. Ask yourself this--would you rather have your friends comment on a fishy and unpleasant smell everytime you come around or would you prefer to go see a DOCTOR and push your embarrasment aside. You really don't have a lot of options here, as scented soaps and perfumes will only make it worse.

Honestly, I would say you don't have to be embarrassed because alot of women and girls are maybe going throught the same thing you are going through.But the best way I can tell you is to use a feminine body wash that you can get from walmart or walgreens.But that should help you out some.But I'm only 6 years older then you and I never had that problem but it can be something serious,so I say if the feminine wash does not work;Have your parents to take you to the doctor and just talk to your doctor one on one about it without your parents around.And your doctor really will not tell your parents what you guys talked about.

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