Flesh Colored Bump

About 1 week ago I got this single Bump, about the size of a piece of skittles candie,  in my genital area right between the inner-bottom lip of my butt & my genital area. Its soft and flesh colored & a little bit painful when squeezed.  It is circular in shape sort of like the shape of a blood cell, like biconcave shaped.  It does not feel solid, it feels almost hollow in the center but maybe filled with some kind of fluid.  I left it alone for a little while (about a week) until today. I tried to squeeze it, it bled a lot. Its not a lesion, its not scabbed over, its not crusted.  Its almost like a really bad ingrown hair, but I don't think its an ingrown hair. what could it be? I have gotten one similar before about 8 or 9 months ago around the same area but i left it alone and it just went away.  I wasn't concerned until now when I got one for the second time.  what could it be? causes? diagnosis? treatment? prevention?

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