interpretation of my fiancee's hormone result

my fiancee started her menstruation on 4th July and ended it on 7th July.the blood sample was taken on 28th July and the lab results are shown below: TEST                  RESULT           REFERENCE RANGE FSH                     4.15 IU/L               midcycle phase( 8 - 22) LH                        3.12 IU/L              midcycle phase (18 - 61) Progesterone         17.63 ng/mL         follicular phase (0.1  1.4)                                            Beta-Ostradiol        196.58 pg/mL       follicular  phase (30  -  100)                                                         luteinic phase  ( 50 -  180) can you please interpret the above results and give me the necessary medical advices. thank you

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