red, raw spots on the outer labia

Hi. I'm not sure if its reason for concern. I have recently been tested and nothing came up. but I have a large amount of discharge normally, this is regular for me. but with it I sometimes get raw skin on my outer labia. It looks like its just been rubbed raw. There is a small amount of itching, but it's appears to be the same thing that happens when I have waayyy too much sex, and it rubs raw. So I do believe it is not an sti, as i again have been tested. But I am curious if it could be caused do to too much vaginal discharge. or if its just from thee labia rubbing together... I also think it could be caused by my underwear? sometimes I do wear tight panties that rub a little. Im just curious of what can cause it, and how i can go about preventing it. could baby powder help? thank you!!

Hello starburt87, you are probrably rubbing too hard in the shower and causing yourself to be raw. That area is very sensitive , there are certain soaps that can be too strong and it will cause.irritation. try and wear loose cotton panties and after the shower be sure to dry the area good, do not leave it damp nor moist from the shower. You can dry with a blowdryer @ the lowest cold setting just to be sure you are completely dry before putting on your clothes. You may have to even not wear any underwears for a week just to allow your vagina to breath. Do not use baby powder it may irritate the area more. You can use feminine summers eve powder but do not put AnyThing in or around your vagina it will make the problem worse. Good luck!

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