Mirena for non-mothers?

I'm 17 and have the Mirena. I've heard it is the best form of birthcontrol, but after almost a year of having it, I've gained major weight, acne, moodiness, and pretty much all the sideffects that come with the Mirena. I'm wondering if it is because I haven't had a child yet and the Mirena is mainly for mothers, or do I just have really crappy luck. Please let me know. I'm thinking of getting a different birthcontrol... Any suggestions? The weight gain is what is really killing me. Thanks.

Did you gain any weight? Because I have a terrible metabolism, but I workout all the time. The weight just doesn't come off with the mirena.

i was on mirena as well and had the same things happen. i switched to tro-cyclen low and that helped alot better

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