vaginal oder and this a STD?

I have to been to several doctors...had a pap..that came back normal and was tested for std's. I have had of and on burning when I urinate and vaginal oder! The vaginal oder smells bad...and not like fish i might add!..i take baths..and change under wear offten and still have the smell!..Sometimes i have discharge..sometimes i dont.I have had several UTI cultures and dnt have one! Now my doc. i went seen today said i might possibly have herpies. MY QUESTION IS...IF YOU HAVE HERPIES OR ANY OTHER STD WOULD YOU HAVE A STRONG SMELL?? I have only had 2 sexual partners. and Am mortified to think i might have an STD! It also hurts from time to time when i have sex.Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it burns!.. And it seems extreamly hard for me to have an orgasim. I have also been diagnosed with polly sistic i have pain in my overies from time to time. COULD THIS BE ASSOCIATED WITH THAT??? PLEASE HELP I NEED SOME ANSWERS!!!!!??????? THANK YOU

It sounds like a bacterial infection called gardella or something like that usually abreviated at BV, I know because I had it, it doesnt have to smell like fish... Some Drs are ignorant! Mine didn't smell at all!!! So you can't go off of the type of smell you have. Go to a diff dr and ask for a test for BV! Still get a herpes blood test anyway... Not cuz I think you have it but because it's always good to know for sure! Since some ppl have no symptoms

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