Bump just above my virgina

I just noticed a bump just above my virgina. Its not that big on the top layer of skin but when i touch it, it feels hard below the skin. i squeezed it not knowing what it is and all that came out was puss and a little bit of blood. it doesnt hurt so I don't know what it could be. I haven't had sexually intercourse in a year. Can someone help me?

It could have just been a pimple in the hair line. It's even possible that it was an ingrown hair that got infected like a pimple. For your peace of mind, you could get it checked out, since you're noticing the hard feeling below the skin. But, that could have just been due to the squeezing and might go down now that the puss has been released. It's probably nothing serious. I'm sure that by tomorrow, now that the puss has been released that this hardness you're noticing will be gone.

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