Nervous about sexual life

I'm a 19 year old . I have a boyfriend. We are enjoying our life in every way. We are sexually very active and does 1-2 times every week. Since my Mom's a gynecologist, he once told me that if my mom's gonna do a PV at any time later she will definitely know that i had sex. My parents are never supportive to pre-martial sex. From then on i never wanted to have sex because i am afraid. How is it possible to know by looking my genitals my mom will know if i had sex? Is it possible if i abstain from sex i can lose signs that i had sex?

I don't know about obvious signs that you're sexually active (apart from seeing symptoms of a STD, pregnancy, or sperm), but can't you just request a different gyn? It's awkward enough, but I think it would be more so to have my mom do it.

You can't tell if you're sexually active just from looking. Given active lifestyles these days, it's not uncommon for a girl's hymen to break long before she's ever sexually active.

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