Vaginal Pain Pressure Swelling after sex

I am worried.  My husband and I have sex this morning, he did some very rough fingering. About a half and hour later. I went to use the bathroom, it burned when I peed. And when I wiped It felt almost like bulge coming out of my vagina.  I am very swollen can hardly insert a finger to check.  It is very sore and nothing like this has ever happened before.  I am too embarrased to call my gynecologist

I'm having the same problem. This happened to me twice already and I can't help but worry. The most recent was last night. I had sex with my boyfriend that i've been with for two years. I'm 99% sure that he's not cheating on me or whatsoever. I must say that I wasnt up for it last night that's why i wasnt that arroused. I was wet at first then i got really dry in the end. He was very persistent thats why even when i was really dry already, he still kept on going. He was very rough on me. Then i felt that my vagina was getting puffy & swollen thats why i decided to continue our business in the shower for me to be a little wet. It helped a little but the puffiness just got puffier afterwards. Its been over 10 hours since then but its still swollen. The last time i had this, the swelling subsided over just a night. Why is it taking a bit longer now? According to past reviews, it might be because i was dry & was not lubed enough? I don't want this to happen again because it makes me feel bad about my sex life & it really is very irritating & uncomfortable when there's puffiness & sworeness down there. What can I do to reduce the swolleness? What should I do for this not to happen ever again?I feel bad about myself. :cry:

Don't be embarrased to call your gynecologist, that's what they're there for. They've seen a whole lot worse than what you're describing, trust me. Also, if you weren't really wet or there wasn't enough lube, he could've irritated it. I've been there though, right before sex the lips of your vagina swell up and it's a little uncomfortable. Especially after sex, I get swollen and it's weird to pee when it's all swollen down there. It's uncomfortable to sit during that time too, but it eventually goes away after a while. It sounds like he might have scratched the walls of your vagina and that might be the burning sensation when you pee. I'd call the gynecologist to be sure, don't be scared. It's their job.

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