Blood in nipples

The other day I noticed there were black specs in my nipples (not on the areola).  I was a little freaked out.  At first I thought they were fibers from my bra.  Well, I decided to squeeze them to see if they came out.  When I did this, it looked like it had been dried blood.  There were about five specs in each nipple.  Has anyone had this before?  The only thing I could come up with was that my partner got a little rough and was biting them kinda hard, so maybe that caused it?  After I squeezed them all out, they never came back.  Any input is appreciated!!

Hi Pumpkin, I'm currently experiencing the same issue. I know I'm not pregnant as it has been a trying time for me and my husband. I noticed a few weeks ago a spot of blood in my left bra cup, but didn't think it was blood when I first saw it, and kind of dismissed the fact it was there until just this past Saturday while getting undressed and notice the same spot in the same side of my bra. I placed the bra back over my left nipple and decided it must have come from my breast. I exammed my left breast for scars and didn't see anything. I was still puzzled and once in the bathtub decided to squeeze my nipple and watched the blood appear. I'm scheduled to see my doctor in a few weeks so I haven't called to inquire at this point. I just want to know if you've gotten any resolution to your problem? Any information will help me until my doctors visit.

I happened to be searching for information on blood spot on nipples and came across this forum. Pumpkin78 describes exactly what I have had happen. Little black spots on the nipple, not the top, but the sides of it, and not on the areola. I also couldn't help myself but squeeze at them and they were definately not blackheads, but resembled dried blood. I had it happen several months ago, about 6 spots on right nipple. Now had it happen again this morning, about 10 spots on right nipple. I am currently pregnant, but was definitely not pregnant the first time it happened, so I feel quite sure it's not related to the pregnancy. If anyone has found out more as to whether it is something to be concerned about I would love to know.

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