Why have i not started my period on the pill?

Hey basically i went to get the pill and my doctor told me to just start it straight away even though it was a couple of days after my period and that it was going to be effective after the first week. On the second week my boyfriend and i had sex but we used a condom and i dont think he ejaculated. I also forgot to take the pill by 2 hours. Ive finished the first pack and am in that phase when i stop taking it for 7 days when my period should happen. But basically i have not had it and i was wondering if this was because i started the pill later than i should have and will it regulate soon?!

You need to use condoms for the first month when starting birth control because it takes about that long for it to properly start working. The Pill I used to be on, you took it for 3 weeks straight then take a weeks break and in that week you get a withdrawal bleed (period). Most pills work this way. However, for them to start working properly you need to take the pill on the first day of you period when you start it, and then take the pack, and have your pill free week and then you receive your 'period' in that week. I have no idea why your doctor told you you can start taking it right away, this just messes up your cycles. The pill can do that anyway because of the hormones but taking it as the doc directed can just mess them up more. Just continue taking it like you have been though, since you've started now and I'm sure your 'period' will show at some point.

What pill are you on? To my knowledge there isn't a pill that you stop taking for 7 days while you are on your period. All pills work differently with each person. When I first took the pill I didn't have a period at all the first month and my dr told me it was because it was the first time taking it and that the following month. You're not supposed to have sex (unprotected) during the first month of any new birth control pills or shots.It doesn't matter if you were a few hrs late as long as you took the pill the day you were supposed to. It also says take the pill as soon as you remember unless it is the next day.

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