Vaginal Discharge problem for 15 year old girl!

Hiya, I am 15 years old and have been sufffering from a vaginal infection- which cause me to have a lot of discharg and the worst thing is that is smells fishy!! I went to see my doctor and he has given me pills and this vagina jell that you insert into ur vagina and I think it has worked a little, but I am still getting a lot of discharge making my knickers very wet, I think what makes it wet is its a lot of discharge, it also can be white and a bit gloopy as well. and it still smells a bit, but it's not so strong, but still smells and I want it to be sorted out as people can smell it at school and its embarrsing!! I don't get the discharge if I wearing loose clothing, only tight. I have had the problem for about 4 months and so won't it to stop!! Please give any advice as this is a problem which any teenage girl does not want and is ruining my life and confidence.  Also my period is not on time and I was wondering if it was because of the infection? Thanks

See your doctor again and ask for a different kind of treatment.

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