missing tampons

I put a tampon in this morning and i forgot about it until about 2, which is longer then i should have had it in for.  When i went to take it out it wasnt there.  This happend a month or so back and when it wasnt there i thought i just forgot to put one in.  So i just put another one in to find out a couple days later that it was still inside me.  I took it out and everything seemed fine.  I am very worried now that this has happened again.  It is not 5 and i still can't see it.  I also run everysday and don't know if this will effect me.   please help

Well if it had fallen out, I'm sure you would have known about it. And if you read the FAQ on any Tampon booklet that comes with the box, it tells you that it can't really get lost inside your Vagina because of the cervix. What I would do is go into the bathroom or where you are most comfortable, and squat down. This is going to lower the cervix further down a bit. Try to push out the tampon. You're going to have to put your fingers inside your vagina to get it out, but it shouldn't be too bad. Good luck! :)

thanks for the comments i am going to the doctors on monday. Nothing has changed, i tryed putting my fingers in my vagina but i couldnt feel anything. I felt something underneath where my finger was, i dont know if that is normal or if that is the tampon. I also haven't been feeling well, my stomach hurt really bad yesterday and it feels different down there. When i get my period i don't usualy get cramps or anything like this.

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