odd/funny vaginal smell

okay here i go again & yet nobody has answered my last post but its okay i guess...anyhow, i just had to add something, the oder in my vagina accompanied by pale yellow discharge, has begun to smell more like (this is gonna sound gross & weird) but it smells to me like fart! its werid. why? does anyone know?

It's probably BV and BV stands for Bacterial Vaginosis. Some Dr.'s consider it sexually transmiSSIBLE (not as in a definitive STD). And yes, it can be bounced back and forth between partners. This doesn't mean if you have it you have an STD or he does. It's not like that really. Usually it's an overgrowth of bacteria that already live in your vagina. I think Gardnerella (sp?) is the usual culprit although there are cases where it can be other organisms. It's easily treated but often comes back. I get them all the time and am not sure why. It all began after I took a round of strong antibiotics. Never the same since. My doctor will swab my vagina and see if the pH is off, then prescribe me some Cleocin ovules or Metrogel. BV is characterized by a fishy smell, particularly after sex, abnormal discharge.But I had one once that smelled farty, not fishy. My doc said that some women form bubbles near the top of their vagina and that's how she can tell in absence of odor or discharge. Clue cells with also often appear on a pap smear, but not always. So, hopefully it's BV and then you not be worried about infidelity. But, it could be something else, so it's best to get a culture done. Hope you feel better soon!

Hi, Have you been checked for std's? It is possible that this is a symptom of chlamydia. It may also be bv (bacterial vaginosis), which can be caused by sex (but not a std and can not be transferred to partner), douching, etc It is worth a visit to your doctor to and ask to be checked for bv as not many doctors think of it or check for it. Hope that helps :)

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