painful cramps and bowel movement

Hey girls what could severe cramps every single period , and terrible gut renching pain having a bowel movement during days on my period mean ? What can I do to alleviate this ? I feel like I'm dying I dread my periods...

Do you have bowel movement pain every day of your period or just the first couple of days when the flow is heavier? Is your period heavy and clotted? Birth control helps with heavy periods and painful cramping. It also prevents ovarian cysts and endometriosis. I've been on birth control pills for many years but I remember before I started taking them, I'd have one day that I'd have bad diarrhea and then a couple days I'd feel constipated and would hurt or "cramp" bad during a bowel movement. I'd suggest making an appointment with your gynocologist for a pap smear and pelvic exam. You might want to try a natural laxative like Swiss Kriss or a laxative tea if you are in need of immediate relief.

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