Just out of curiosity..

This is a question out of curiosity.. Is every girl supposed to have the same smell to their vagina, or is it different for everyone? I know it's not supposed to smell like something sweet, or like perfume, lol. Because, mine has the same smell all the time, even when I shower. It only smells bad when I don't shower for a long period of time, then I shower, and I'm alright. It's not a strong smell. And another question, when a girl says her vagina smells like "fish", does it smell as if you're on your cycle or something? Because I always hate hearing that, "She smells like fish!" or "I smell TUNA!" lmao. But of all seriousness...Can someone answer these questions for me? I'm not worried about it or anything, I was just wondering.

All girls have their own "scent". It should be musky, and mild. If a female smells of fish, it means she has a bacterial infection and needs to have a doctor treat it.

if a woman eats fish or any seafood the smell would often come out down there. Try sucking on a lemon or put a little bit of vinegar in your bath water kind of like a douche

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