Strong feminine odor will not go away

Hi, I have had issues with feminine odor for several years and it has gotten really awful. I am 20 and of a healthy weight(159lb, 5 foot 4). I have noticed that if I don't go out there doesn't seem to be an odor, but if I go to school or work it's really bad. The best that I could describe the smell is sour milk and B.O. If I sit down for more than 20 minutes or so that is when the smell gets really bad. I sweat underneath my thighs all the way up to my vaginal area. When I stand up I fell wet in that area, although it's not visible. I have gone for several tests such as paps, urine tests, and blood tests, but it all comes back negative. I have tried using vagisil deodorant powder as well as perfume but they just seem to make it worse. I also shower for about 20 minutes everyday. I am almost certain that I have heard people around me making comments on my smell. This is having a horrible effect on my psychological and emotional health. I feel badly all of the time now because I smell so horribly. Has anyone ever gone through this? Can anyone help me?

If it is indeed BV it can be very hard to treat. Normally you are given antibiotics to take for a week. It will clear up, but sometimes reappear later on down the line. As you said in your post sometimes certain soaps and perfumes cause the smell to get worse. BV is general caused by an imbalance in the PH levels, that can result in odor and discharge. Once you have seen your doctor and if he gives you medication to clear up this problem; start wearing cotton underwear free of color (unless it has that white patch at the crotch area). Also try using Ivory soap because it too is free of perfumes and no heavy dyes. I hope everything works out for you. Best Wishes! Skiey

I'm not actually sure if they checked for BV... I'll make another appointment and ask. The Doctor did confirm an odor but didn't seem to think it was out of the ordinary. It really bothers me though.

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