7 weeks after taking Plan B, pregnant?

Hello, I had protected sex where the condom broke 7 weeks ago. Plan B was taken within two hours of the incident. I experienced bleeding about 2 1/2 weeks after Plan B was taken which was a bit earlier than my expected period. The bleeding was pretty normal, lasted about 4-5 days. So now I'm waiting for my second period to arrive and it's almost a week late, i have no symptoms that i usually do, (sore breasts, cramps, etc). I have had NO sexual intercourse since that incident in Nov. and I have taken numerous pregnancy tests from the dollar store ones to first response. My question is here I am at 7 weeks after the said incident and I'm testing negative, how accurate are pregnancy tests now? I just wish my period would come. any help would be appreciated thanks.

It is pretty impossible for you to be pregnant after taking Plan B, and yes it can disrupt your cycle due to the strong hormones. Relax. If you tested negative multiple times, you're not pregnant.

Plan B screws up your hormones and periods so your period will be late. You are not pregnant, especially if you took the pill within 72 hours of the unprotected sex.

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