Is having multiple orgasms normal?

Hi everyone. I am 35 years old. And I never ever had this 'problem' before. It's one thing to have 2 orgasms in a row. but sometimes I can have as many as 5 or 6, once I had 10.  but only if I am pleasuring myself, never with my husband.  Even so, this is not a good thing. . I find it very weird and disturbing, it's as if my muscles are I don't know, still tense and need a release? and after about the second one, it gets pretty annoying, and not even enjoyable anymore. This pretty much happens every time I masturbate , which is really not that often. I haven;t had a chance to talk to my OB/GYN about it yet.  The reason I am so concerned is because while I don't think it is normal, I've seen a show on TLC called Taboo where  woman had this similar problem, (only much worse)  And she was diagnosed with something, I forgot what it was. Is there something wrong with me?  This is not a joke. Please, I need some answers..

Multiple orgasms can be normal. I can have however many in a row as I want when I'm by myself or, provided my partner lasts long enough, with my boyfriend. As long as you are stimulating the orgasm in some way or another, then it would be normal. The urge would be hormonal in nature typically. If it's just happening even without stimulation, I would look into it.

I would say that it's not normal, however I don't think it it's bad either. I know the episode on TCL toy ate taking about. I would just talk to your on/gyn about it.

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