Bumps on my vagina

I am a 17 year old girl, just a few months ago I started noticing bumps on my vagina.  I am not sexually active so I am sure this is not a std. The bumps normally have pus and blood in them or sometimes they are hard and cannot be squeezed, they itch often do. I know this is gross but i really need to know what is the cause of this.

That happened to me too before I became sexually active except this one rather a small bump, and it was just one. It was about pink or somewhat, reminded me of a large pimple that you have on your face, and it feels as if it were a pimple from underneath your skin. Lightly touching it, it wouldn't be excruciating pain, but if you applied pressure to it, you'd get a slight pain and a bit discomfort. Now, I am not a virgin, I am your age, and I have only had sex with one person, and he was not infected, however, we only had protected sex about one time, the rest well yeah. I just notice a few days ago that I got this bump, a very similar bump that I had a while back ago before i was sexually active. Feels the same way and everything. I broke up with the guy, so I hadn't had sex for about three months now. And I thought that it could have been a razor bump, a painful razor bump and I have considered that. However, I got restless with it, and eventually "accidentally" popped it. White puss came out and then tiny drops of blood. That's about it. However, my question is..if you pop a razor bump, is it possible they will now spread? Even if you cleaned the infected area before and after the pimple was popped? This is mostly out to anyone..

Can it be because of shaving if the area isn't really in the pubic area? I've gotten ingrown hairs on my pubic area and they are NOTHING like these. Mines are in the pink part, like right almost along the edge of the pubic line, but not ON the pubic line. I had two like last week or so and now i can feel them coming up again, same spot and everything. There is itching and discomfort and I'm worried. They are like huge, but i looked up herpes on google images and they look NOTHING like that, herpies are more like burn blisters. I am sexually active but the guy I'm active with was my one and only partner, and I'm his only one as well.

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