Hello,      Im having a certain kind of discharge and I want to make sure it's not something I should be worried about, since mid October my discharge has been a white and a pale/light yellow color when dry, it has a odor to it but its NOT a fishy odor, I want to say it smells like ive been sweating allday, it DOES NOT itch or anything uncomfortable like that. I must say that the day of or one or two days after my period ends, me and my boyfriend had sex and I remember smelling a odor that made me think I was still on my period but I wasn't! it just smelled like it and that has never happened before , it happened one more time after that and it was when I was just coming off my period by the day of or a day or two. Im very sensitive to a lot of things by the way but I just want to make sure there is nothing seriously wrong. PLEASE HELP

Hi there. I would see your doctor. They take a quick culture and look at it under the microscope and tell you what it is. That is your best bet at this point. good luck

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