Shaving itch

every time I shave down there it always gets itchy after a few hours how can I prevent this?!?  

Do you use a shaving cream that is suitable for the area? When you shave, shave in the direction that the hair grows. After shaving using a moisturising cream that is suitable for the down below area. You can buy emollients from the pharmacy that can be used as a substitute for soap. The other option is not to shave. Don't use normal soaps, shower gels and bath gels. These will dry the skin and irritate it more. Use non perfumed soaps, soaps with the same pH level as our skin and baby washes should be fine too. If the skin itches, it may be a fungal problem. You can purchase antifungal creams to use on the genitals from the pharmacy.

How often are you shaving? Make sure you are using a razor designed for that area and plenty of shaving cream. Best to shave AFTER a shower or bath. Cut longer hairs BEFORE shaving. 1% hydrocortisone cream (over the counter) might help after shaving the area.

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