Vaginal Injury, Swelling Itching Pain

Forgive me if this is a bit graphic but I want to make my problem as clear as possible so I can get the best advice. First, some background info: I am 21, been with the same person for 7 years.  Been sexually active for 6 years, only had sex with one person.  I have no children.  I take Sprintec birth control pills. A couple days ago I masturbated several times in one day.  I was maybe stimulating my g-spot too roughly.  Then my husband came home and fingered me a bit.  It felt good but he accidentally did it too roughly for a moment and I felt a sharp pain.  Then he stopped and watched me masturbate.  The inside of my vagina started to feel sore.  I noticed a little blood on my fingers so we stopped.  We haven't done anything sexual since then.   The next day there was a little bit of blood in my underwear.  I never spot between periods.  After that day, there was no more blood.  However, my vagina felt sore and itchy.  I will start my period in a few days.  Right now my vulva is swollen, itchy, and sore.  The inside of my vagina is swollen and sore as well.  When I gently insert my finger, I can feel that the inside is very swollen.  I can barely fit the tip of my finger inside.  I am small down there, so I normally can't fit my finger inside if I'm not aroused.  However, right now it is especially difficult.  The small bumpy part inside that swells up when I'm aroused (which I've identified as being my g-spot) is very swollen, even though I'm not aroused. There is no change in my vaginal odor.  There was a little white discharge yesterday.  Today my discharge is the usual color, odor, and amount. I am not sure what is wrong.  Is the swelling, itching, and pain just part of the healing process, since I must a gotten a small tear on the inside of my vagina?  Or is it likely that I have a yeast infection or something like that?  Could a vaginal injury lead to a yeast infection?  What should I do?

If the itch continue then its probably yeast infection and you need to see a Dr so she can give you antibiotics.

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