two months late on period?

hi so the last time i got my period was in the 2 week of December, the last time i was sexually active was in November. after that i wasnt sexually active . in January i took a test just make sure but i knew i was going to be negative , i waited another week i took another one again to be safe and the same thing negative. i dont know why its this late? i had sex at the end of januray i heard it would help if i was stressed but nothing. i went the doctor in the 1st week on feb they took a test but they have not gotten back to me all the time i call they dont have the results in. what can i do?

They should have your results after a week. Call them back, to make sure you are not or pregnant. If you are sexually active getting pregnant is not impossible.

I did but they say they dnt have it in yet

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