My boyfriend touched the bottom of his penis when I was giving him oral and I think he got pre *** on his fingeres and then he unbuttoned my jeans then fingered me is there any chance I could this get me pregnant and I've missed my period by 8 days and this happened 6 days ago, my period is sometimes late please help thank you

No, you are not right lindsays1992. If a bloke enters you and he has a "pre" and if you are in your fertile days, there is a very high risk of getting pregnant. I feel you are very irresponsible encouraging a child, yes at the age of 14 humans and still considered as children, by encouraging her to have sex and saying "So suck it up and protect yourself". At the age of 14 children are very vulnerable, and girls especially, think they can hold on to a boyfriend by letting them, or being persuaded, into having sex or messing around sexually. There is far more to life than sex. Would you tell a child to be "true to yourself" and "do what you really feel you want to do" if they were near a road and about to run across in front of oncoming traffic? A lot of children do not understand the risks involved and some play "chicken" or run in front of a vehicle. As adults, it is our responsibility to look after our children. Once a child reaches maturity at the age of 18 - at the age of 14 a child is still developing and is not yet a mature adult, and knows all the risks, then they can do what they feel like doing sexually - and even then they still get it wrong, have unprotected sex and worry whether they have got a sexually transmitted disease. We all know that children of all ages will "explore" their bodies, and as parents we are not always there to protect our children from manipulation by others who lead them into doing things that they should not be doing. Don't think that having oral sex is any safer. You can't get pregnant by "sucking it up", but you still can get fungal and bacterial infections. If someone has a cold sore on their lips, and these are very contagious, you will certainly get the virus. Once you have had a cold sore, the virus lies dormant in your body and can flare up from time to time. Someone with an active cold sore can even pass this virus on to someone just by kissing them normally. When you are of age, you can usually get free contraception and condoms from family planning clinics. Roxy_marshmallows has posted in another forum and she has had a response from someone who was manipulated and fell pregnant at the age of 15 and went through an abortion so her mother would not know. She is certainly not giving the advice that you are. Check it out.

It is highly unlikely that you will be pregnant. All you can do at the present time is wait and hope that your period is just late. At your age, you should not be doing these things. You are very young and it is not worth taking the risk of getting pregnant at your age. Spend more doing other fun activities - you don't have to have sex to prove your love. And if your boyfriend is threatening that he will leave if you don't do sexual things to him, he is not worth keeping. Be in control and don't allow anyone to make you have sex. Enjoy your youth by doing different activities. Be aware too that having sex when you are under aged is against the law. If your boyfriend is much older, he could end up in prison. If you are going to "mess around" and do sexual things, always use condoms. Time will go by very quickly, enjoy your youth.

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