howe can i treat a ovarian cyst?

I just found out I have a 3.2 cm ovarian cyst this week. I have been so stressed out because cancer runs in my family on my father's side and I am worried about having ovarian caner. Is there any way I can help in making this cyst go away ?

Hi there. Most women at some point in their life will have an ovarian cyst. They most often do not lead to cancer so don't worry about that. I had a simple cyst myself. What happened with me was no treatment and it passed on it's own. The period in which it passed was a painful one with cramps and heavy flow. But then it was over. Have not had one since. So, you need to speak to your doctor. They often will let the cyst be and it resolves on its own (with nothing to worry about). If it is a complex cyst, they will talk to you about this. But your best source of information is from the doctor who found the cyst (what method did they use to find it)? BTW, my cyst did not 'pop'. It passed through my uterus and out with a period. Again, most ovarian cysts are not a problem. Ovarian cancer is actually a 'seeding' cancer in that there usually are just tiny little granules of cancer all in that area rather than a cyst/tumor on the ovary. My mother in law died from complications of ovarian cancer and she didn't have ovaries anymore. The 'seeding' of the cancer went to the lining of the area. Again, it was tiny little specks of cancer and not a mass like you are thinking. good luck

With me I had a cyst the size if an nickel, the doctors told me that they wouldn't do anything about it unless it got bigger which then they would have to cut it out and do a biopsy of it but I was lucky enough while I was sleeping popped it cause I felt it pop , which it wasn't too painful but I definitely felt it. If it pops that is okay too. Don't worry unless it grows or doesn't pop. Get it checked about maybe once every month or so.

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