okay, don't laugh

So regardless of being nearly 20 I have never been taught how to count my cycle, my mom is pretty spacy, and I have had some really fickered periods so I was wondering, do I count from the lats day of my last period or the first day of my last period? At this point it's kind of important..

If you're sexually active u can take a test if not its fine to be a bit late.. and dont feel bad about not knowing how to count your cycle I'm 21 and only learnt to keep better track of it recently.. your cycle can be delayed by stress, strain on body and sometimes being ill around ovulation time. The way I started to learn was I downloaded 3 different apps to count it you can see the variation of when its supposed to come sometimes. Especially when you're around 20 or now becoming sexually active I think your hormones start changing your cycle up abit!

Well I have some female health stuff that's pretty bad but I usually do have my period when I'm supposes to even if I have a long one. I am sexually active but I want to give it a few more days especially since I have my issues, but I'm down to two placebos in my bc and no period...

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