Concern or no??

Can anyone tell me they've had pain in their lower back/abdomen. I feel cramps as well. I didnt start feeling like this until my boyfriend and I, had oral sex and he fingered me about 2 weeks ago. I have the Mirena as well for a year already and I've had it before and I got a new one after a year of not being sexually active and giving my body a break from it. Now Im bleeding a little bit very light, it feels like a period bc I was moody, emotional, feel a little bloating and cramps. With my first IUD, I never really had my period and would have an occasional spotting here and there. I also wasnt as sexually active as I am with this one. Should I be concerned that he might have displaced it or lodged out of place and has anyone else felt this way before and found out it was just the hormones. Please help!

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