breasts SUPER tender and im EXTREAMLY tired all the time

im only 20 yrs old and both of my breasts have been very tender to the touch for the past 5 days now, but have gotten LESS tender as the days pass by, but still are just as swollen, about a half cup size bigger. iv also been very EXAUSTED lately, taking a 2-4 hr nap almost daily, iv been on the same birth control for the past 5 years now (yasmin), and i have never experianced these symtoms ever before, im not due for my period for another 9 days though, anyone have any advice????? Thanx
Answers: your dr. If nothing else in your life has changed (ex. new job, recent breakup or something) then yes, these are unusual symptoms for an otherwise healthy 20yr old. Sore breasts/ tired could be PMS. If you've been on birthcontrol for 5 yrs (and taking it correctly) it's unlikely, but not impossible, that you got pregnant. Also, I think it would be quite early for symptoms like those for pregnancy (breasts don't usually get bigger for a while). Anyway, call your MD, they'll have you come in for an exam and some tests I'm sure.

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