Digital ClearBlue OPK

I finally broke down and bought a Digital ClearBlue OPK. My DH and I have been ttc for the past 9 months and have no luck..  I always thought I knew when I was Ovulating.... this month I decided to use a OPK ... I got the (Happy face) yesterday morning meaning that I got  my LH surge and that I will ovulate between 24 and 36 hours.... my questions is.... how long does this LH surge last? I took another test this morning and NO Happy Face.... Can anyone explain to me how this works?

From what I've read, everyone's surge is different. And you may have gotten your "happy face" halfway into a 24-hour window...hard to say. Did you BD yesterday after the happy face? I know my surges (I was only doing the OPK for two months) both months lasted for two days. The month I got pregnant, we BD'd on Sat night but I didn't show a surge that day. Then I had a surge Sunday but we didn't BD. I still showed a surge on Monday, and we BD'd again. So we actually skipped the first day of the surge. Whatever we did, it I think one of the advantages of the OPK is that you learn your cycle better...I realized I was ovulating a couple of days earlier in my cycle than I thought I was. That way you can actually plan to BD the night *before your usual surge day. Also, I've heard that it's worth the money to buy the kits with 20 tests in them, and test in the morning and late afternoon...that way if you have a short surge, you'll catch it. Good luck!! Tricia

I love the clearblue digital OPK, but none of them are an exact science. Tricia is right, everyone's surge lasts a different length of time. It can also vary month to month. And you can actually O as soon as 12 hours after your surge. I have had a positive as long as 3 days in a row before. I found info on line that said you can actually O mid surge, or as long as 72 hours afterward. It sounds like you covered your bases though. Bding the day before and the day of. I sure hope this is your month!!!!! SSBD to you!!

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