Types of morning sickness

I'm looking for input on morning sickness.  What did it feel like, what kind (nausea, vomitting, upset stomach....), and when did you notice it?  Before or after AF was due.

1st Pregnancy - no sickness whatsoever 2nd - vomiting for about 3 days and feeling queasy for about a week at I think 6 weeks This pregnancy - intense nausea that would frequently wake me up during the night, constantly feeling queasy, a little weak and shaky, only vomited once although ran out of work one day into the driveway and was about to be sick in the garden when I realised there were people standing at the end and had to try and swallow it!!!! Just wanted to lay in bed all day. This time lasted from 6 wks to about 13 weeks. So not up with all the abbreviations on this forum - so don't know what AF is sorry. I'm sure it'll be something embarrassingly obvious!

My first pregnancy- I was sick as a dog beginning early 2nd month, nausea, vomiting, even vomiting water, lost weight before gaining weight, no apetite, weak Second-beginning feeling sick 2nd month, nausea and vomiting, tired Third- beginning feeling sick at about 6 weeks, nausea, everything smelled bad, vomiting, vomiting, vomiting. Fourth-miscarried at 11 weeks, But I didnt care for my favorite foods. they began tasting different. I only got nausea, but no vomiting. Foods began smelling bad. Foods just tasted different. I was bloated pretty bad beginning 6 weeks

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