Mirena questions

I have had my Mirena since the beginning of 2011..i am having it removed tomorrow..its been HELL having this in me..so much pain all the time. my husband and I will be trying to conceive after its removed. my questions are: a. does the removal hurt? b. after it is removed...if I get pregnant right away I have heard about women miscarrying and I would like to know if its associated with mirena. c. did anyone gain like 30-40 lbs and just cannot lose it on this mirena?? I have and I have been atkins dieting the entire 2 years! haven't lost a pound! hope it comes off after removal!

I had the mirena for over a year and hated it. I bled for 4 months straight and was really uncomfortable to have sex. I swear I could feel it and my husband could also feel it so it was a turn off. I remember having a hard time getting weight off while having the mirena and after i got it removed pounds and the water weight came off pretty easily. Having it removed didn't hurt at all. I went right back to work. As for conceiving I don't know because I went straight on the pill afterwards. My husband and I weren't exactly ready for #2 at that time. Good luck to you! :)

I had a terrible experience with mirena. I had it removed summer of 2010. got pregant immediately but lost it at 8 weeks.. we were devastated. then 3 more early miscarriages before ending up finding out I had a tumor on my ovary the size of an orange. I believe it caused that large tumor on my ovary. tried to get pregnant for years. was so old I gave up. now at 46 am 9 weeks preg naturally. we shall see how it goes! good luck to you a.d I suggest you have a thorough exam prior to trying to conceive...

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