lost help with reading HCG

Okay I kno its been asked a million times but I need help reading my hcg results [hc] bNCG  5294.34 # weeks post last mentral period                          Approx hcG Range 1-10                                                                      202 - >225,000 11-15                                                                    22,536 - >225,000 16-22                                                                    8,007 - 50,239 23-40                                                                    2,000 - 49, 413 NEGATIVE RESULT                                            25 Any help, that's exactly how my paper looks- soooo am I pregnant or not??

Sorry if im "not w/it" what number on that chart has to be over 5 and how many weeks does it indicate I am?

That's something your doc will have o tell you. #'s vary greatly.

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