Weak, axciety, and tired

I'm scared I have something more than just being weak. I use to have an eating disorder of anerxia and bulmia and I took x-lax for three years. I also didn't eat any meat for a year. Now I get horrible migranes (migraines) . I take excedrin everyday for the headache and I need lots of caffine. I always feel tired expecailly at work I always complain. The other day I was so weak I couldn't even open a bottle of pepsi. I am so use to doing things my self. July of last year July 6 I had an abortion that only me and my boy friend know about. I did and still have depression. I just want to know how come I feel so weak all the time. I told you alot hoping that might help in figuring it out. I can't jog or walk outside if it hot which it is always. I weigh 130 pounds and I just turned 18. But please help and I'm scared that I'm sick.

Hi, The best is to seek professional helps. It could be due to your distress. My gynae told me before any distress arises from mc incident could worsen a person condition, physically and mentally. Why don't you talk to someone you trust the most or even your gynae. May be they can help. All the best and hope you are fine.

beehappy is right. You said only your bf and you know. That is the key. I think you need to talk to someone professionally and work through the feelings you are having.

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