I am so confused about Clomid, OPK, etc!

I have some questions that some of you may be able to answer or relate too. I do not have periods without taking progesterone. I am on cycle one of 50 mg of clomid (5-9) now. I have been using OPKs and they have not shown a LH surge but I think I have noticed changes in my cervical mucus. Could I have ovulated and it just didn't show on the OPK? I'm also cramping something fierce on day 16. Is this common on clomid? It seems like such a long time to start getting cramps this late having finished the pills on day 9. I have had horrible headaches, tenderness, breakouts and extreme hot flashes. I am frustrated because I seem to have all of the horrible side effects from clomid but no LH surge. Can OPK kits be wrong? I feel very frustrated at this point.

I used OPK to determine LH surge while taking clomid. One thing that I mentioned was clomid postponed my ovulation by several days. It also extended my cycles by about 4 days from 28 to about 32 days. Normally, I ovulate around day 12-13 but with clomid I did not detect LH surge till day 15! Perhaps you should just wait a little. I did have a lot of cramping around day 16 but that's because I was ovulating at that time. I hope this helps....

Thank you so much! I actually detected my LH surge yesterday but it was day 18! Would it be normal to cramp that badly 3 days before you got your LH surge? Thanks for getting back to me. I've been so worried and nervous about all of this!

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