CD7 and pos OPK!!!!!!

Well, I got cheated on the weird cycle with no Lp and af on cd13. BUT, today I got a pos OPK!!! Wooo Hoooo! I guess maybe those follies were still a growin' during all the confusion. Thanks for the preseed Kelly! It's being put to use tonight!

Baboo-Wee man moved outside 2wks ago and was coming home every evening to bed down. He hasn't been home in several days and I'm naturally thinking the worst :( Trish-Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. If I didn't have that midcycle weirdness, today would be cd21. Perty-The dance worked the last time, it just didn't stick, so bring on the dance. It ought to be pretty amusing to see in the 3rd trimester, lol Tim's birthday is the day after Thanksgiving so it would be a great present to him(and me of course) Last year I got to tell him a week b4 his birthday, That was a great birthday for both of us. It was the 1st time on the 1st try. Here's hoping there's somthing to November.

Brandi- I am sooooo praying with all my might this is your turn!!!! The only thing that beats a smiley on an opk is a "pregnant" on a digi hpt :) BabyBlue-I had a goofy cycle last month for the 1st time in my life. When I was supposed to o, af showed up. All the signs are here, cp, cm, mood, etc. I'm pretty sure this is the real deal. Temps will show in a day or two. Oh, RE has us on 2x a day bd!! Said dh s/a is perfect and for my age 2x a day is the best as the egg only lives about 1/2 as long. Paranoidpattie-Your chart is looking great so far! My bfp temps look nice and steady like that. Grammy-I postponed my appt til the 28th. It got a little cool here and work went nuts.

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