Stat US and Probable Ectopic

I am so bummed...I had called the dr twice and they just got back to me that I am probably having an ectopic. My hcg only went up to 389 since last thursday. First I am sad, and now I am very scared. I don't want to lose my tube or ovary. Can anyone help me out w/ this?? They are trying to schedule a stat or I will just to go er. :(

well, my dr is not opting for the shot right away. i will go into his office on thursday for a ultrasound and he wants to do a d/c on friday. they did see two bulges, one in each tube/ovary. One is suspect of a definite cyst and the other is so teeny that it is hard to tell. he wants to go w/ the d/c first to make sure that it is not in my uterus and just a failed pregnancy. Then follow up w/ blood tests to see if hcg goes down. I dont know if I am happy w/ these results but what choice do i have. I have already expressed my feelings w/ him on the possible loss of a tube and he said that we are very far away from that at this point. and that w/ close follow up i wont lose a tube???? I feel very helpless right now. :(

I had an ectopic in February..the good news is that they gave me the methotrexate shot so they did not have to operate and I did not loose my only tube.. On the other side I had to wait very long for my Beta levels to go back to zero. But my levels were very high (almost 10.000). I think you hace good chances with levels so low.Please take care of yourself and be very careful if you have sharp pain go to the ER!! hang in there, Miky

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