Switching IVF clinics???? Help!

Okay ladies...need a little help here. Had my first cycle of IVF in October ending in BFN. I was a poor responder to meds, my estrogen level didn't want to come up. They were able to retrieve 8 eggs. All 8 fertilized, but 3 arrested immediately and the other 5 looked good. Transferred 2 embryos; one 6 cell and one 5 cell. Did the 2ww and then of course BFN. Doc called me to let me know it was negative, and the stated "Surprised that this didn't work for you based on your FSH values." I asked if his theory for the IVF not working was possibly due to me being a poor responder to the meds. He stated "Yes. We could have done better on our end. I want you to try this again." Okay, first of all what doctor says that!!!! I mean it is one thing for him to look at the chart and think it but to actually say it to the patient. Wholly ****! So, I have an appt to see this clinic again on the 12th, but I went to another clinic yesterday. Got an okay vibe from them, but do I really want to switch? Am I actually decreasing my chances of getting BFP the second time around if I go somewhere else? AAAGGGH! Very confusing! I just want to do the right thing. My DH thinks that the first clinic will offer us some sort of discount for a second cycle. HA! I say...no way, that would be admitting fault thus leaving them wide open for a law suit. Help ladies...tell me what you think!

I responded poor to my meds at first. I had 22 follicles but only 8 of them continued to grow. My estrogen was very low at first bloodwork. My Dr. wanted to give up and told me that he didn't know what to do at this point, he said I guess I could have increased your doses but too late for that now. He just wanted to give up and wanted me to do IUI or he told me to just stop this month. He made me cry right in his office, but my DH and I said no we wanted to continue. We only have 3 eggs that fertilized so we put all 3 back and now were Pregnant....I guess Dr. don't always have the answers....God does. Prayer works....I will be sure to say one for you...In the end my nurse was wonderful she was really the person that kept me going. She said a lot of times they start patients (especially at my age) on the lowest dose and they don't increase meds in the middle sometimes because they want to give it time to work and don't want to over stimulate you. So you have to go with your gut feeling. If possible talk to your Dr.

Thank you ladies for your input. My DH and I talked last night and I think that we are going to hold off everything with the new clinic until we speak with our docs at the first clinic. I guess I need to give them a chance to tell me what they think went wrong, and what they plan to do to fix it. If I don't like what they have to say, I guess we will start with clinic #2. I am just so angry that this is what I have to do to have a child! I know all of you are going through this as well, but damn it is so frustrating! I feel like my life and the path it will take is at the mercy of medicine and money. Ugh! Hard not to get bitter ya know? I desperately want a child, I just wish it didn't involve all the poking, prodding, and needle sticks to get there. But, alas, this is the reality of the situation and I must swallow it, and move on right?

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