My Earlier Post

I posted earlier today about my BFP and little scare of ectopic.... I dont know what I did wrong that No one replied to my post!..i am feeling so bad and left out.. Please gals I need some opinions or atleast some good words!!!...

Sorry you're going through this!! I don't know about ectopics either and I wish I could give you some advice on what to do now. The only thing I can say is have the blood tests and see about HCG doubling correctly. Then after that, have them do an u/s as early as they can (Probably 5 weeks) to make sure all is well. I'm sorry I couldn't offer anything better to do now but I'm not sure if there is anything to do now. Good luck and I'm praying that it's not an ectopic. Oh yeah, and congrats on the BFP!!

why are you thinking it to be an eptopic? I think with an eptopic you are in alot of pain very soon. And twinging is good that's just the baby snugglin in but if it get's to be excruciating I think that's when to worry. I wouldn't worry unless you have lots of pain or if your #'s don't keep rising like they should. Thanks I'm feeling good about thus cycle.

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