Time to give up??

Wow, I am so tired right now. I have been waiting for the "green light" from my RE to proceed with my first IVF since early this year. Finally, I have medical clearance. I received my confirmation letter today, which said to monitor for ovulation after which I begin taking an estrogen patch. Then on day 2 of AF I come to the IVF center. Here is the kicker. AF has to arrive no later than 12/3 so as to be done before the lab closes. I am currently on CD38 with no sign of AF (and 2 BFNs). So it looks like I will miss the 12/3 deadline. I am considering taking this as a sign from up above that it's time to face reality. I am seriously bummed

Don't give up so easily. My DH and I decided to give it up a while back and I was considering a hysterectomy. Now we have decided to try again. However, I broke down crying on the way home from work tonight when I realized had we not called it quits before our little angel could be here now. What really gets me is that my father-in-law is very ill with cancer and time is short. I wish he would have gotten to see his grandchild. It breaks my heart to think that the chances of that are so slim. However, I must also say that there are lots of children out there waiting to be adopted. We have two wonderful boys through adoption. They are truly wonderful gifts from God. Check out some of the websites. They actually have pics and bios online of kids waiting to be adopted. Pray about it long and hard. Then listen for the answer. Let your heart lead you.

Thanks for your words of encouragement ladies. I was feeling very down last night after coming home and opening up the letter from the IVF center. Today is another day. I woke up, I am thankful for that, so maybe I need to reassess the whole situation. I guess waiting one extra month in the big scheme of things isn't all that much. After all, I was actaully able to get pregnant naturally back in March, unfortunately in ended in m/c at 7 weeks. Not sure what I will do while waiting for the next IVF cycle. Maybe I will TTC naturally, or maybe I'll just give myself a 1 month reprieve. Thanks again for your support. Communicating with people who actually understand really helps to see things more clearly Mary

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