Sex after IVF (none for 12 weeks according to my Clinic)

My BFP was confirmed with Clinic yesterday. Yea!!!! I was informed that I can not have sex for 12 weeks. What the heck is this all about? Me I think I will be fine but my poor DH! I need your help, thoughts, and opinion. PS we leave for a romantic cruise Thanksgiving Day.

Please let me know what your Dr. recommends about this. I suggested to my DH that when we go for the u/s on the 20th we can ask the Dr. as that time. I do not want this news to come from me! I am due around the same time July 12th as I to had 3 embroyos transferred on the first attempt at IVF. When is your u/s? You will have to keep me posted. Many blessings to you and DH.

Yeah my doc said not to also. We were 8 1/2 wks preg when I mc so I'm not sure if we hadn't if it would have been ok then or not , we were supposed to have found out that day. BEst wishes for you.

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