Other tests??

Hello Everyone, I am new here and was hoping that someone could help me as I am feeling extremely frustrated. My husband and I have been trying now for 1 1/2 years. So far we have gone through the following tests: -semen analysis -pelvic ultrasound -HSG (tube die test) -they have tested my FSH and my TSH All tests have come back fine. I have also taken my BBT and it looks somewhat normal, spiking at ovulation and then falling when I get my period. I have been seeing a naturopath and receiving acupuncture now for about 3 months. I continually spot on Day 22 from anywhere to 1-5 days and nobody seems to think this is a big DEAL! Anyone have any other tests they suggest I go for? Thanks kindly!!!

man, i would count the days after you ovulate until the day you start spotting and see if its less than 12 or so and that might mean a luetal phase defect? i cant spell, but i know that they told me to do that on my own and i am a 13 or 14 dayer so they ruled that out. but i heard 12 or under is a progesterone problem. hope i could help just a tad! how long are your cycles?

My cycles are a normal 28 days, but 22 days in or so I spot for a few, then I have a few ok days and then I get my period. Thanks for the info!

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